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The Essential Role of Reviews

Are Reviews Essential To Your Business?

Short Answer: Absolutely!
Discover how reviews can build trust and improve your online presence, and we’ll give up tips on responding to reviews!

Brewing Business Success

Reviews can attract customers, shape opinions, and influence buying choices.

Maybe you are wondering:
Why are reviews important?
How do you get reviews?
Should you respond to reviews, and if they’re negative, what do you do then?

You’re in the right place! We’ll cover all of this and more.

Why Reviews Matter

Why are reviews important?
Reviews are important for

  1. Building Trust: Most people check reviews before deciding to buy. Positive reviews can help potential customers choose you because they see that others have already had good experiences.
  2. Boosting SEO: They help your business show up higher in search results, making it easier for people to find you. Regular reviews can provide that boost.
  3. Customer Feedback: This is helpful for you as the business owner to learn from your customers what you’re doing right and what you could improve.

How do you get reviews?

  1. Ask at the Right Time: Just like someone bringing you a much-needed cup of coffee at the office first thing in the morning, timing is everything in asking for a review. And, yes, you should ask for a review. The right time to ask for a review is after a customer has received your service or product.
  2. Make It Easy: No one wants the process of leaving a review to be too complicated or too long. Simplify the process by providing a direct link or QR code to scan that takes them directly to your Google Business review form or preferred location for leaving a review. You can share your link or QR code asking for a review as a sign on the wall inside your business near the exit, on a business card, in an email, text message, or printed on receipts.
  3. Reward: Small incentives can motivate customers to take the time to write a review. You could offer a small reward such as a discount on their next purchase, or hold a contest.
3 Tips on Getting Reviews
Responding to Reviews

Should you respond to reviews, and if they’re negative, what do you do then?

  1. Acknowledge and Appreciate All Reviews: When a customer takes the time to write a review, acknowledge the review and express gratitude. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, thanking the reviewer shows that you value their input and are dedicated to improving.
    Example: “Thank you for sharing your experience with us.”
  2. Stay Professional and Courteous: Maintain a professional tone throughout your response, even when faced with criticism. Keeping your composure will reflect well on your brand and can help de-escalate the situation.
    Example: “We’re sorry to hear about your experience and appreciate you bringing this to our attention.”
  3. Provide a Solution and Take the Conversation Offline: If a customer points out a problem, acknowledge and offer a practical solution. Invite the reviewer to discuss the matter directly and privately. This shows your commitment to resolving issues and demonstrates to other customers that you take feedback seriously.
    Example: “We would like to resolve this issue for you. Please reach out to us directly at [your contact information] so we can make things right.”


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