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How Does Social Media Add Value to Your Business? (Part 2)

Last week I asked the question on social media and in a blog post, how does social media add value to your business?

It is easy to get out of the habit of prioritizing social media and I’m no exception!

I’m also just getting started in taking my side freelance business full-time to focus on helping busy professionals grow their business through website design, graphic design, digital marketing, voice overs, and videos. Therefore, I intend to inspire both you and me to stay on track and make social media a priority so that it will add value to your business!

7 ways social media adds value to your business

  1. Connects me with customers and creates community.
    If you’re just getting started, invite your customers and friends to follow you. Keep your followers updated with what’s going on, which they can share with others. Keep engaging with your community by listening and interacting with others too.
  2. Introduces new people to my business/brand.
    How many brands are you following, and how many have you discovered on Instagram? Here is a fun fact: the Instagram explore page is viewed by 200 million accounts daily. There are plenty of opportunities to find like-minded people to discover your brand on social media.
  3. Brings more traffic to my website.
    Be sure to include a clear call to action step such as “visit and subscribe for details.”
  4. Informs and educates -Steve M. on LinkedIn
    This is on point because social media is a great platform to easily share what is going on in your business, provide useful and educational information to customers, and helps people understand the solutions your business is offering.
  5. Builds a direct line of customer service -Steve M. on LinkedIn
    If you are on Facebook checking out a brand and have a question, do you leave Facebook and go search online for the company’s contact info? Maybe some of us do. However, that is an extra step or two. It would be much quicker to ask your question via the Facebook messenger button instead. (Props to companies that actually respond!) Some customers are more comfortable reaching you on Facebook, maybe others are more comfortable on Instagram or LinkedIn.
  6. Generates Leads –Hootsuite
    Social media ads can be used to reach your target audience. With an offer that is too great to pass up, have people subscribe in order to receive the information.
  7. Reputation Management (join in the conversation) –Hootsuite
    If you’re able to see what people are saying about your company, it is generally a good idea to respond. Solve any grievances in a polite and professional manner. Thank people when they write praises. As a business owner, you likely do care and your response shows this.

How is it going with creating content for your business on social media? Comment below.

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