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How Important is Consistent  Branding Across All Marketing Channels?


       Want to know the secret to creating an elevated brand experience?

Maybe you desire to build customer loyalty and trust. You want to differentiate your brand from competitors, even the friendly ones, but you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. What you don’t want is to confuse your customer. 

If you confuse them, you could lose them. 

Do you want to know the secret to creating a brand that attracts your ideal customer, builds loyalty and trust, and differentiates your brand from competitors?


First, what is branding? 

Branding is an emotional connection your customer has or feels about your brand, product, or service. 


How do you achieve building your business, building your brand, and getting customers who are loyal and trust your brand, product, or service? 

    • Consistent messaging and content
    • Consistent visuals and identity
    • Consistent value in what you create

1. Always be consistent and clear with messaging and content. 

To help you with creating a consistent message and achieve continuity, start by creating a branding style guide. The branding style guide will include your logo, color palette, brand fonts, imagery, and any other elements that you’ll use for creating branded graphics, your website, and marketing materials.

Here’s a free      Branding Style Guide that can be customized for your own brand, product, or service on the free platform, Canva. 

Your clear statement should let people know about what you do, who you serve, and the problem you solve for them. Ask someone you trust to proof your messaging and provide feedback. Once you’ve established a clear message, save it and keep using it. Your message is a beautiful stamp making a clear and concise impression.  

Follow our free   10 Step Guide to Getting Clarity for your Website Branding and Messaging.

2. Visuals can help your brand reach new customers, engage existing customers, and build trust and loyalty. 

The images you use on your website, on social media, and in your marketing materials should connect with your audience, and be something they can relate to.  Ask yourself if the images visually support the solution you provide, will help you make the right impact with your marketing and ultimately lead to more sales.


3. Be consistent in everything you create across all platforms and mediums. 

Visiting your brand’s website and social media pages should feel the same no matter what platform someone lands on. The easiest way to confuse people is to use completely different graphics, colors, and images across all of your online platforms. Don’t create confusion. Use consistent graphics, colors, fonts, logos, and images on everything from your website to your social media and marketing materials.

Imagine providing your audience with a consistent and quality experience! You’ll potentially get more sales, referrals, and returning customers. Your brand will shine! 


So which tip will you be working on first?

Do you need an expert to help you create your own  brand to reach your ideal audience?

Designs by Kiki is a solution-oriented design studio empowering marketing departments to exceed their goals through strategic branding, graphic and web design services.

We provide branding services that include creating a business logo, color palette, brand fonts, elements, social media branding, and post templates, email marketing, business cards, marketing collateral, and designing and developing a custom website. 

If you’re serious about reaching your goals, we’re ready to listen and help you…

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