The Top Website Design Trends for 2023

Let’s dive into 9 website design trends with examples of how the latest trends can be used to create engaging and impactful websites that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

1. Guidance

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons help guide customers on the steps that you want them to take next. Including a call-to-action button at the top of your website either above the navigation or aligned with the navigation makes it easy and quick to find on every page. There are many examples of CTA buttons in an article by Elementor on How to Design Effective CTA Buttons.

2. Nostalgia

By leveraging nostalgia, create an instant and meaningful connection with customers. Evoking a feeling of nostalgia for past times helps to highlight values in a subtle way that resonates. A common technique in web design is to incorporate classic color schemes, fonts, and imagery that remind customers of that era and time. Dribbble shows several nostalgia examples in web design trends for 2023

3. Minimalism

Not everyone wants a flashy website filled with bold colors and loud animations. That’s why minimalism is one of the top web design trends for 2023. Minimalist designs use simple color palettes and only as many design elements as necessary to get the point across. Although adopting a minimalist aesthetic offers several benefits, pay close attention to the overall balance of each design, as a large amount of white space makes it obvious when something is a little out of place, according to Dribbble.

4. Interactivity

Adding interactive sections to your website is a great attention getter and it adds value for visitors. Suppose you were a realtor and added a mortgage calculator to your website. Maybe you’re a manufacturing company that receives calls asking about the weight of the product and added a weight calculator to your website. There are many strategies and ideas to add interactive information and valuable tools to your website and additionally build trust for your brand.

5. Smart Video

Engaging users through the use of video can be an effective online marketing tool. Be sure your video is thought out, has a purpose and meaning, and high-quality video is better than a dozen haphazardly assembled ones. Instead of simply embedding a video on a page, use video as a hero image to capture attention.

6. Mobile-Friendly Design

Responsive web design is not only a mobile-friendly design, but mobile-optimized for various screen sizes. It is a highly important web design trend because the majority of people are using their smartphones for various tasks. A website that doesn’t display well and doesn’t function properly on a mobile device may result in lost opportunities.  It is essential to optimize your website for various screen sizes, and be sure button sizes are easy to click with thumbs! Overall, you want to provide your website users with a positive mobile-friendly design experience.

7. Dark Mode

Dark mode isn’t new, but it’s becoming popular. Some users find it easier to read light text on a dark background, especially in low-light settings. It has been said that dark mode extends the battery life of a smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t have to be white text on black, it can be shades of dark gray, blue, or brown. There are a variety of ways to incorporate dark mode designs and experiment with creativity.

8. Text-Only Hero Images

You’ve probably heard the term about keeping the  most important information “above the fold.” The website equivalent is called the Hero Image.  We’re all bombarded by different advertising images every day. Removing the background image and replacing it with eye-catching typography that is bold, and sometimes a unique font, could more easily capture the user’s attention.

9. Rehabilitating the 404

The 404 error page is the dreaded place you are sent when you can’t find what you were looking for. It could be seen as an opportunity for light-hearted fun. See the 404 pages of 2023 that are going all in on entertainment. It can be a way to show your brand’s personality. Maybe you want to take the sting away from a bad experience of landing on a 404 page and turn it into something fun and memorable.

Now that you know the latest trends for websites, maybe you’re looking to revamp your existing website or start from scratch. 

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