Top Website Design Trends for 2024

Discover 8 website design trends to create an engaging and impactful impression on website visitors.

1. Organic Shapes

In 2020, everyone was into geometric shapes for website design, but trending in 2024 are organic shapes! Instead of straight lines, we’re seeing shapes inspired by nature—rolling hills, meandering rivers, and asymmetrical designs. The fluid shapes are fantastic for adding a natural and soft touch to your website.

Organic Shape

2. Scrolling Animation

Scrolling animations bring lively and captive the attention of users on a website. As you scroll, cool things happen—elements can fade in or out, change colors, or slide into place. It’s like a little visual magic that makes exploring the site super interesting and encourages you to keep scrolling!

Scrolling Animation

3. Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions on a website are tiny animations that give users little hints. You’ve probably seen links change color when you hover over them. Now, picture this: as you scroll down a page, a gradient subtly shifts colors, or after you click something, a burst of color pops up. These are the new and exciting micro-interactions that are delightful little surprises!

Micro Interaction

4. Micro Animation

Micro animations play a big role in guiding users on websites. These little helpers make interactions smooth while adding a fun touch. While micro animations have been around for a while, the focus now in 2024 is to use them in a more natural or intuitive way.

Micro Animation

5. Material Design

Traditional web design can sometimes appear flat, lacking depth. Material design, on the other hand, uses colors and shadows to replicate real-world textures, creating a visually appealing user interface. Google’s software suite icons showcase material design well, particularly through the subtle yet effective use of shadows on icons like Gmail and Calendar, giving them a three-dimensional look.

material design

6. Custom Illustrations

The trend in graphic design is shifting towards custom illustrations, as opposed to relying on stock images. Custom graphics help businesses establish a unique and vibrant brand identity. Cookie-cutter stock graphics are becoming less popular as companies seek more personalized and distinctive visuals to bring their image to life.

Custom Illustrations

7. Full Height Homepage Hero

Full-page headers will continue to be popular in web design in 2024. An effective technique is to place important text or call-to-action buttons on the left side of the header, accompanied by enticing graphics on the right. This is because visitors typically focus their attention on the top-left portion of a page. Also, Text-Only Hero Images are eye-catching typography or a bold, unique font which could be just the thing to get a user’s attention quickly.

DTRPS Full Hero

8. Chatbots

As AI and machine learning become more advanced, chatbots are now becoming the norm for simple customer service requests and “personal shopping.” For example, a chatbot can inform a customer about available phone upgrades on a website, saving costs associated with live support. Tools exist to forward web chats to mobile phones for easy management while on the move.

We have noticed GoDaddy and Apple Support will use Text Chat (usually with a human). A great support method if you’ve ever forgotten to keep an eye on your chat window and missed the live support person.

Like many trends, it will take time to sort out glitches. Here at Designs by Kiki, we feel that speaking with a helpful human is best.



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